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Client Reviews

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Dan T. McAfee
Jordyn Katzman McAfee

Jordyn McAfee


She has been amazing and fine out of her way to help me with all of my divorce issues. I am so glad I found her!

Exceptional service

From our first meeting Jordyn was patient and helpful. She addressed our concerns and kept us informed throughout the legal process. It was a pleasure working with Jordyn and her staff. I would highly recommend them to anyone seeking legal advice.

The Perfect Choice

When I decided to file for a divorce after 12 years of marriage, Jordyn McAfee was the only attorney whom I could trust to truly represent me. Jordyn provided the perfect balance of knowledge, awareness, family focus and a professional approach that quickly set the tone for a result that was better than expected. What I appreciated the most was how she worked to achieve a peaceful and fair transition for me, my ex-wife and my two daughters during this difficult time. Because of Jordyn’s ability to keep us focused on what was important, my relationship with my ex-wife is now a healthy friendship and solid co-parenting partnership. I would highly recommend Jordyn McAfee.

Divorce Attorney

I heartily recommend Jordyn McAfee as a divorce attorney. She is a genuine caring person who realizes the difficult situation that couples face When divorcing. I feel that Jordyn is very thorough and detail-oriented in her approach to a solution that is both fair and acceptable to both parties involved. I give Jordyn high marks and recommend her without reservation!

Divorce Lawyer

I hired Jordyn in September of 2014 to assist with the filling and process guidance for my divorce. She was not only an amazing Lawyer, she also showed patience, care and concern throughout my journey. She was thoughtful and diligent when guiding me through a very difficult time. Her timeliness proved to suit my situation as she never made me feel rushed while at the same time reminding me of what steps were important to take more time to review. I would highly recommend Jordyn and her team at Katzman & Katzman, P.C.

On Top Of Everything

Jordyn was great. She was very helpful, patient and on top of everything. After emailing I would get almost immediate responses. She was also very compassionate and understanding of my situation. I would highly recommend her.


Jordyn is a consummate professional and has been great to work with on my legal issues. She is bright, very knowledgeable and while the work we are doing is not fun, she helps with her positive attitude.

I would highly recommend her to anyone contemplating divorce and/or with custody and support issues.

Jordyn & Paula – Great Team Work!


I wanted to thank you both for all your hard work on my Case Ehman/Zimmerman. I am very pleased with how my case was handled, the advice that I received and the overall professionalism you have shown me during this process.

Jordyn, thank you for being patient with me as I know at times I can be a handful. You were very good at allowing me to process the information before moving forward and I appreciate that. Your negotiating skills and assertiveness when it was necessary was spot on with me. Thank you ….

Paula, you’re a true blessing to work with. You were on point in relaying information and answering questions. If I only could get architects to provide me the information I need on a daily basis like you do, my life would be stress-free at work. No, seriously you have no idea. Thank you for everything.

Best of luck to the both of you!



The Smart Lawyer

I came to Jordyn stunned, paralyzed and completely clueless about the divorce process. Not only did Jordyn attend to every last detail of the split, she also educated me and showed me that I had the strength to go on. My divorce was handled so well that I’ve had several people approach me for her name. Jordyn’s support, knowledge and attention to detail made her invaluable to me.

Jordyn Katzman McAfee Is A Legal Rockstar!

She’s patient, gives great advice and is a brilliant advocate. Jordyn kept me calm, in check and well-informed. Communications were great, and I was always able to reach her when I needed to.


I was referred to Jordyn by a family member who is also an attorney, and she was every bit as good as expected. I was filing for a change of custody for my daughter. Jordyn took the time to understand my exact situation and what was needed, and then very quickly delivered everything that I had hoped to achieve. She was able to negotiate a settlement outside of court within a matter of just a few short weeks. Her collaborative and compassionate style helped defuse a potentially volatile and explosive situation, and she was able to work toward a positive outcome for all involved parties.

Divorce Case

What I liked best about Jordyn was how comfortable she made me while going through the divorce process. She was sympathetic and kind. We did not follow a collaborative process per se, but her approach was very collaborative in style. She set my expectations realistically going into mediation, therefore I was prepared and satisfied with the process and results.

Divorce Attorney

Jordyn was very professional and kept me sane during a very difficult time in my life. She was very fair and honest in the entire process. I would highly recommend her.


Jordan was an excellent advocate for me. She expertly guided me through the legal process and calmed me down during anxious times. Always prepared and a true winner – I heartily recommend her.

Daniel McAfee

Definitely Recommend

Dan was very professional with my case. He kept me up to date on what was happening and was always quick to respond to questions. I highly recommend Dan and will have him handle any other professional services I need.

Knowledgeable, Professional And Committed

Mr. McAfee took over our case after a previous attorney showed little effort in pursuing our interests. Mr. McAfee continuously pursues every possible avenue to ensure we are compensated for our losses. He clearly communicates with us about our case and makes every effort to handle the proceedings on our behalf. I not only feel that we have a representative but that we have a true advocate for our legal interests.

Excellent Business Attorney

Hands down one of the best professionals I’ve worked with. I’ve hired several attorneys in the past, but I will definitely be working with Dan for all my future needs with my businesses.
Here’s why I recommend Dan:
1. He’s respectful of your time and money. Not everybody has an unlimited legal budget. I’m small business, so getting an estimation of how many hours a job will take is nice to know upfront. No mystery or surprise invoices.
2. He’s also fast, responsive and updates you with progress.
3. Dan is also thorough. It’s nice knowing that he genuinely cares that your business legal needs are met, and no detail is overlooked. I look forward to continuing to work with Dan for all my future projects.

Very Professional

Dan and his staff have provided my business with expert legal services for the past five years. They have always listened to my opinion and advised accordingly. I would highly recommend their firm if you are needing legal services. They score a five ATTABOYS on my scale!

Dan’s The Man!

I had a situation with my home that forced me to hire an attorney. I found Dan and he was professional, knowledgeable, courteous and always quick to respond. I would highly recommend him if you are in need of his services. I can honestly say that I couldn’t have asked for a better attorney.