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Understanding title insurance in Indiana

One of the least understood aspects of any real estate transaction is “title insurance.” Virtually every entity that makes a loan to enable the purchase of a residence requires the buyer to purchase a policy of “lender’s title insurance.” The borrower is required to...

Can I fight an eminent domain action?

Real Estate law can be complicated and messy. This is because it is some of the oldest law and court cases in the United States, and it has changed significantly over the hundreds of years of our country’s existence. However, the supposed hallmark of our real estate...

What is a quiet title action?

Part of buying or selling a home in Indianapolis is performing a title search. But what if the title search reveals a defect in the title in which someone has a claim to the property or there is some other encumbrance? In such cases it may be necessary to pursue a...

Assets that are easily hidden during divorce

When spouses divorce, it is important to know about all of the assets and liabilities of each spouse so that marital property can be properly distributed. However, spouses sometimes hide assets so it is difficult for the other spouse(s) to learn about such assets and...


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