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The home seller’s disclosure obligations

Buying or selling a home is among the most important transactions in a person’s life. Beyond the expense, a home is where you live and raise your family, so you want to ensure it is a safe and comfortable place. With this in mind, people often ask what a home seller...

Understanding title insurance in Indiana

One of the least understood aspects of any real estate transaction is “title insurance.” Virtually every entity that makes a loan to enable the purchase of a residence requires the buyer to purchase a policy of “lender’s title insurance.” The borrower is required to...

Can I fight an eminent domain action?

Real Estate law can be complicated and messy. This is because it is some of the oldest law and court cases in the United States, and it has changed significantly over the hundreds of years of our country’s existence. However, the supposed hallmark of our real estate...

When does child support end in Indiana?

Indiana parents who share a child but have ended their relationship will undoubtedly be concerned about child support. This can be a contentious issue that leads to strife between them even if they are on relatively cordial terms. If the split was acrimonious, this is...


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