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Custody, parenting time and sharing information about the child

On Behalf of | Jul 3, 2023 | Family Law

In Indiana, the end of a marriage can be difficult for everyone involved. This is especially true for children and as parents try to navigate the changed circumstances. The parents must coordinate and try to work together to ensure the child is the priority and has a good chance to thrive. That can be complicated if the parents are not on good terms. Even if they are relatively agreeable, obstacles and disputes can come up. One key aspect is sharing information regarding the child. The Indiana Parenting Time Guidelines covers the exchange of information.

Information about the child that must be shared between parents

The key information that must be shared between the parents include school records, school activities, extracurricular activities, health information and insurance. Both parents have the right to have access to the child’s school records and do not need to request permission from the other parent. Neither parent can take steps to prevent this information from being shared, nor can they stop the other parent from discussing school matters with the child’s school. When giving alternative emergency contact information, it must be the noncustodial parent unless there is danger to the child by doing so.

When there are school activities that the other parent does not have access to, the parents are obligated to provide this information. If, for example, the child is playing sports or taking part in the arts, the parent must be informed and is obligated to bring the child to the event if needed. The same holds true for other activities.

Health information and insurance is also covered under the law. The parents are entitled to have access to the child’s medical records and mental health records. Treatment, emergencies, illness and medications must be shared. Regarding insurance, both parents must have the child’s insurance information, insurance cards, detailed lists of benefits and their health care providers.

Parents should know their rights and how to exercise them

If there is a problem getting this information from the other parent or there are reasons why a parent does not want to share it such as safety concerns, this must be addressed with the court. Having professional assistance throughout the case is often necessary to make certain that the parents are exercising their rights regarding the child.

That goes beyond the custody agreement and parenting time and extends to something as basic as sharing information about the child. Experienced guidance with family law can help with these and other issues that might arise.

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