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3 benefits of collaborative divorce

On Behalf of | Oct 2, 2019 | Family Law

Based on what you see in the movies, you may think that your Indiana divorce has to be long, drawn-out and vicious, but increasingly, many divorcing couples are realizing that this does not always have to be the case. At Katzman & Katzman, P.C., we recognize that collaborative divorce can often be quicker, easier and less painful than a traditional litigated divorce, and we have helped many clients part ways with their spouses while limiting or even eliminating any bitterness that exists between them.

According to Family Circle, a collaborative divorce is essentially a type of divorce that stays out of the courtroom, with both parties involved in the process agreeing to work through their issues until they arrive at a mutually agreeable solution. This type of divorce often brings with it certain benefits, and one of the biggest benefits is a lower price tag.

Often, engaging in a collaborative divorce, as opposed to a litigated one, can save you as much as half the cost of a traditional divorce. Part of the savings typically comes from the fact that, in agreeing to a collaborative divorce, you are also agreeing to freely share your financial information with the other side. In doing so, you can avoid having your lawyers search for assets the other party might be hiding, which can save you substantially in the long run.

Opting for a collaborative divorce can also save you considerable time. While some litigated divorces drag on for years, most collaborative divorces finalize within about 18 months or so. A third benefit of collaborative divorce, meanwhile, is that it can improve relations between you and your ex when compared to a courtroom divorce, which may be especially important if you and your ex share a child or children together. You can find more on this topic on our webpage.

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