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Positive parenting no matter the location

On Behalf of | Nov 13, 2019 | Family Law

Indiana parents who split up might find themselves in the difficult position of having to maintain a positive parent-child relationship from a distance. This is the case for many parents who after separation or divorce need to move away for career or personal reasons, and they might question how to keep their relationship with their children as close and supportive as it was before.

While distance does create some difficulties, these challenges can be overcome so that that the relationship between the parent and their child can continue in a healthy and loving manner. Maintaining open channels of communication is important, and parents should take advantage of the many platforms they can use to stay in touch with their children over long distances, such as email, Instagram and Skype. While regularly scheduled calls can be part of the plan, calling or contacting their kids at different times just to check in with them and offer them support can also help.

Physical distance can lead to emotional distance, so parents need pay attention to their children’s interests, passions and friends. Learning about their children’s interests will provide parents with more opportunities to bond with their children. Getting to know their friends and their friends’ parents can also help the relationship between parent and child, particularly when parents invite their children’s friends on trips or activities.

Spending time together is another cornerstone of a positive parenting relationship with their child. Parents should also speak to their children on how they prefer to get together, such as whether the child prefers the parent visiting or going to visit their parent instead.

A strong parenting plan might help keep the bond between parent and child strong even with physical distance separating them. During the process of figuring out custody issues, parents can also seek the guidance of a family law lawyer, who may explain how child custody legislation works.

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