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The importance of being nice during divorce proceedings

On Behalf of | Mar 2, 2020 | Family Law

Ending a marriage can have a significant emotional impact on an individual. In some cases, even those who are usually stoic in stressful situations might say or do things that are out of character. However, it is important for those in Indiana and throughout the country who are going through a divorce to remain polite and civil throughout the process. Remaining calm may make it easier to settle a divorce in less time.

It can also make it easier to negotiate favorable terms without a lot of stress or drama. For parents, an amicable divorce settlement can form the foundation for successfully raising their kids together. Furthermore, parents who act like adults during the divorce process are more likely to obtain visitation or custody rights to their kids. This is because a judge will see that an individual is mature enough to create a safe and happy environment for a child.

Individuals who are seeking a larger share of marital assets are advised to play nice with their former spouses during settlement talks. This is because badmouthing someone to his or her colleagues could result in losing a job. If the former spouse owned a business, negative words might result in a loss of prestige for the brand. In either scenario, an individual has fewer resources to give or less money to make child or spousal support payments with.

Individuals who are seeking to end their marriages may benefit from seeking the counsel of a family law professional. He or she may explain how state law determines if a person is entitled to alimony, custody of a child or a majority share of marital assets. An attorney may also help a person keep his or her emotions in check during settlement talks or other divorce proceedings.

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