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A divorce can have a negative impact on teens

On Behalf of | Jul 14, 2020 | Family Law

In an Indiana divorce, the disproportionate effect will fall on teenagers. They tend to struggle the most with the emotional issues surrounding the split. Up to 25% of teens can experience significant problems when their parents divorce. Thus, it is important to frequently check in with a teen during the process.

The types of problems that teens experience can vary. They may struggle at school or lose interest in social activities. Their grades may be affected, and they might have trouble sleeping. Teens can experience a wide number of problems related to the stress of the divorce and the changes in their life. They might end up making poor lifestyle choices as their way of dealing with the anxiety and trauma that divorce causes.

Parents need to talk to their teens and be present as the divorce process unfolds. They should be vigilant to check for any signs that the divorce is harming their teen, even if the teenager is not saying anything. Not only should they be there to listen, but they should regularly reach out to their teenager. It is natural for the teen to grieve for the loss of their family. However, if they have to grieve on their own without any parental support, they may turn to self-destructive behavior to fill the void of their missing family life.

One way to help smooth a teenager’s transition is to have an amicable divorce that does not end up in court. Tension between the parents only exacerbates the teenager’s own stress and angst. A family law attorney could help facilitate a settlement of the divorce that helps keep the matter out of court. The attorney may handle the negotiation between their client and the other spouse as the two parties work towards a custody and divorce agreement.

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