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Resolving construction defects when building your dream home

On Behalf of | Nov 18, 2022 | Real Estate

For some Indiana residents, owning their dream home does not look like house-hunting and purchasing a home. Some people understand that if they want to own and live in their dream home, they will need to build it from the foundation up.

If this describes you, it’s important to know that there are many steps and many parties involved. When issues come up and construction defects are apparent, you need to understand what rights you have and what steps you must take to protect them and your dream home.

Construction defects

Construction defects come in several categories. Design defects include mistakes made at the architecture or engineering stage. Material defects include problems with the construction materials themselves. Of course, a home with a good design and good materials can also face problems as the result of poor workmanship.

Some construction defects lead to little more than inconveniences, but others can lead to serious problems that are expensive to repair. A problem with a roof, for instance, can lead to leaks that cause mold and structural problems. When a defect leads to serious problems, it is known as a material defect, meaning that addressing it is vital.

Reaching a resolution

Ideally, you would like your home to be built properly, timely and without defects. Therefore, when a defect is uncovered, the hope is that a resolution is reached so the home can be completed as intended.

Those dealing with a real estate law matter, such as a construction defect, should take the time to understand their situation. This can help resolve disputes hindering a construction project and address damages suffered because of it.

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