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eSports superstar signs exclusive streaming deal

On Behalf of | Mar 2, 2023 | Business Law

Our blog has spoken about eSports several times over the past year as it has become an ever increasing revenue stream for companies and gamers alike. Many gamers are now looking to make Affiliate Agreements with streaming sites, like Twitch and YouTube.

However, when Microsoft’s Mixer closed up shop, everyone in the eSport industry wondered what would happen to Ninja, who had an exclusive Mixer deal. That answer has finally been received.

The deal

Last month, Tyler Blevins, the eSports celebrity known as, Ninja, signed an exclusive multiyear streaming contract with Twitch. This was on the heels of his naming as one of Time’s 100 most influential people last year and his former $30 million deal with Microsoft.

Was the deal expected?

According to the article, this was not entirely unexpected as Twitch is the largest eSport and game streaming platform and Ninja boast over 15 million followers. But, there was some discussion in the industry whether this would occur because he left Twitch last August for an exclusive deal with Mixer. Twitch even went as far as editing the then-dormant Ninja account to highlight other Twitch streamers.

The eSport and game broadcasting industry has exploded over the past decade, even here in Indianapolis. Anyone with a computer or game console and a microphone can potentially become famous. This could be one’s child. This is why this topic is so important right now. And, just like any businesses, when one decides to become a professional in the eSport and game broadcasting industry may want to seek the advice and help of an attorney to negotiate contracts, create businesses, sponsorships, licensing, and more.

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