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What requirements should a parenting plan address?

On Behalf of | Jul 7, 2023 | Family Law

Addressing family matters could be complex, especially during a divorce. The parents should collaborate and follow specific guidelines when planning arrangements for their children. A parenting plan helps set rules and parameters for both parties as they continue raising their children as co-parents.

In Indiana, parenting plans follow specific guidelines to ensure a comprehensive approach to fulfilling parental duties. A proper plan should include all aspects of the child’s life, including their living arrangements if the parents live in separate households. An adequate parenting plan should address the following needs of the child:

  • Encouragement for the child to separately maintain relationships with their parents while receiving support, care and guidance from them;
  • Freedom to connect with parents without taking sides and involvement in disputes;
  • Arrangements that provide a secure and safe environment that is free of manipulation by either party;
  • Valuable and fun parenting time with each party;
  • Financial support from both parents, regardless of their parenting time setup; and
  • Sufficient safety and supervision from each party, including reliable child care that reflects each parent’s responsibility to the child.

Accomplishing these needs could help children adjust to their new family situation. A proper parenting plan can recognize these requirements and the children’s essentials as they adapt to life after divorce.

Parenting time is a primary concern in divorce

Divorce might end a couple’s marriage but does not sever parental-child relationships. Parenting plans are vital to protecting children’s welfare and development. The court understands how critical these formalities are to uphold the child’s best interest. A thorough plan can help parents prepare and adjust as they enter life after divorce.

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