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What are the levels of supervised parenting time in Indiana?

On Behalf of | Dec 11, 2023 | Family Law

Indiana courts consider parenting time a vital cornerstone for children to live fulfilling lives. When both parents remain involved despite legal issues, they create a healthy and secure environment for their child to thrive and develop. Still, there are scenarios when parenting time can pose risks, impacting the child’s safety and welfare. In these instances, supervised parenting time can be an option if allowed by the court.

Depending on the circumstances, a judge can also indicate what level of supervision is appropriate. Options typically include the following:

  • Standard – This is a supervision type often used for situations without risks involving the child. Instead, this setup aims to provide parenting guidance, helping give direction when forming a nurturing parent-child relationship. The supervisor’s role consists of monitoring, documenting parenting time, and intervening if necessary.
  • Enhanced – This type of supervision involves following a structured format that addresses the child’s needs. The designated supervisor has a more active role as a coach who helps the involved parent and child bond through evidence-based methods. This option is often ideal if the child has special or medical needs.
  • Therapeutic – This option is often necessary for children and families with sensitive circumstances or vulnerabilities. The supervisor must be a clinician who can provide specific information and guidance during the parenting time session.

The appropriate level of supervision can vary, depending on the court’s decision.

Maximizing parenting time arrangements

Before issuing a court order, judges are responsible for thoroughly evaluating the case before deciding what type of supervision is appropriate. Sometimes, they can order additional assessments to learn more about the family and pinpoint any risks. These procedures may seem tedious, but they can be necessary to maximize the benefits of quality time between parents and their children.

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