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Is January being “divorce month” a myth?

On Behalf of | Jan 19, 2024 | Family Law

People get divorced for many reasons in Indiana. They also decide to move forward with a case at varying times of the year. People might be reluctant to believe there are certain times of the year in which people get divorced more frequently, but there are numbers that say this is the case.

Statistically, January is known as prominent month in which people begin the year with a “new start” and take steps to end their marriage. For those who are still thinking about their options, it is important to be aware of various factors that will impact the case. That includes how children will adapt, what financial steps need to be made and how to proceed effectively.

Understanding why January is a common month to initiate divorce

Researchers have analyzed the January divorce phenomenon. One explanation is that the couple was already having marital difficulties and chose to stay together through the holiday season for their children and extended family. Once the new year got underway, they decided to exit an unhappy marriage and start over.

Psychologically, this can be beneficial for everyone including the couple and the kids. An unhappy home can have underlying and unintentional turmoil that negatively impacts children. For some, the holiday season only serves to emphasize what is going wrong in the marriage. Spending more time together was cited as a reason for the spike in divorces during the recent health crisis and it might be a similar circumstance during the holidays.

For some, they think about the positive times and an enjoyable holiday season spurs them to give the marriage another chance. In other instances, the issues are exacerbated and attempts to put on a brave face for others only serves to make matters worse. Once the holidays end, people choose to end the marriage.

Preparation is imperative in a divorce

Regardless of the timing of the divorce, people should be aware of the issues that will come to the forefront in a family law case. If there are children, custody, parenting time and support are common considerations that need to be addressed. Other aspects are property division and spousal support. These are major challenges in high-asset cases where a business could be at stake, people are accustomed to a certain lifestyle and their assets are difficult to sift through.

Some couples are still on decent terms even if the marriage is coming to its conclusion. With that, they can negotiate an amicable resolution. Others need the court to decide. Whether a couple has decided to move on or they are still considering their options, it is wise to be fully prepared for every eventuality. This includes knowing how a divorce can impact a person in every conceivable way and what the law says about the outstanding issues.


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