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What factors can affect the child support amount in Indiana?

On Behalf of | Feb 9, 2024 | Family Law

Divorce proceedings can involve crucial issues affecting the entire family, including child support. This type of financial obligation could be necessary to help meet the involved children’s needs. The laws governing these arrangements can vary for each state, potentially impacting the support amount and schedule.

However, the court can change the support amount based on the situation. In Indiana, some circumstances can make it reasonable to adjust the child support amount, including the following:

  • The parent has other financial obligations to other children through a court order or other legal arrangements.
  • The parent has other children, including those from previous marriages, that they also support financially, other than step-children.
  • The parent also pays spousal support or alimony enforced by decrees established before the ongoing divorce.

The child support amount often comes from a specific computation using the weekly income for both parents, cost of work-related child care expenses, cost of the children’s portion of health insurance premiums, a credit for overnight parenting if exercising at least 52 overnights a year, and which parent is responsible for paying the children’s controlled expenses.  The factors bulleted above, are also taken into consideration and are applicable to the court’s decision on child support. If these scenarios apply, they can adjust the support amount to accommodate other financial responsibilities of the involved parent.

Still, there is no exact way to predict the final child support amount because it can change after considering other relevant factors, such as the parent’s employability and other valid circumstances.

Navigating child support issues

Many divorce disputes can stem from child support issues, especially if the involved parents have contradicting opinions on the topic. These high-stress situations can be challenging to manage, especially when minimizing conflicts for the children’s sake.

When facing problems involving child support, seeking legal counsel can be beneficial. Doing so can help determine appropriate ways to address issues and navigate procedures without missing any requirements or deadlines.


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