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Dividing Your Business In Your Divorce Settlement

In many cases of high-asset divorce, business ownership is involved. If you own a business with your spouse or if you have helped your spouse grow a business over the course of your marriage, the business may be subject to Indiana’s equitable distribution laws.

Katzman & Katzman, P.C., was established as a family law firm more than 30 years ago. Our divorce attorneys have assisted numerous business owners and their spouses obtain an equitable division of those assets during divorce. If you or your spouse owns a business and is divorcing, our team of attorneys can protect your financial interests.

Taking Business Valuation Into Account

When dividing your business during a divorce settlement, the first step is to obtain an accurate value of the business. The value of the business may be greater than the profits it produces. For example, the owner may reinvest profits in the business or use accounting techniques to make the business appear less valuable than it is. Our lawyers use forensic accountants who can determine the true value of the business.

Even if the business was started prior to the marriage, the business is marital property if it exists as of the date the divorce process is started. Our attorneys will work to make sure you receive your fair share of the business.

Get Representation For The Equitable Division Of Your Business

In matters of divorce, business division can be a point of serious contention. At our Indianapolis firm, we will protect your financial interests throughout the divorce process.

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